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English Tuition

Looking to boost your English with a professional? Shooting Star Language provides private tuition, online lessons and language training for English learners in Liberec.


Shooting Star Language believes:

  • every learner is different, and teachers should be flexible to create individualised lessons
  • you learn faster and better with qualified native-speaker teachers
  • language is more than just vocabulary and grammar, it is an insight into another culture
  • confidence in your own ability to use a language can be just as important as understanding how it should be spoken or written
  • and most importantly, lessons should be interesting and enjoyable - if you're bored, you won't learn!


Class Types

One-to-One Tuition

Improve quicker and learn more effectively with private lessons - just you and your teacher!

Online Lessons

Can't make it into central Liberec in person? Save time and money by taking all or some of your lessons over the internet.

Company courses

Don't get left behind in the world of international business. Make sure your team are effective English communicators by giving them the best in English language training.


Book Your Lessons

To book your one-to-one lessons or enquire about company language training, get in touch by email or fill out the contact form.