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Proofreading and Editing

When you’re representing yourself through a written medium, it’s important to get it right. A flawless text will create a sense of professionalism and inspire confidence, while one full of typos will leave people with the opposite impression. We all make mistakes, and it can be very difficult to spot your own. Proofreaders and editors simply act as an extra pair of eyes to pick up on the things that you have missed.


Proofreading involves checking texts for mistakes before they are made public. The proofreader is not asked to ‘improve’ the text in any sense, but simply to correct errors of grammar, spelling and formatting. When the text is a translation, it will be considered as a standalone text and not compared against the original.


Editing requires a more in-depth analysis of the text and can involve checking for accuracy and terminological consistency. Other factors such as the suitability of the text for its intended audience and how it ‘flows’ as a piece of writing will also be considered. If the text is a translation, it will be checked against its original to ensure the right meaning and style have been achieved.