• Shooting Star Language Services


Shooting Star Language Services provides quality translations in the following language combinations:

  • French into English
  • Spanish into English

Creative texts such as marketing material are a speciality, but whatever it is you need translated, you can expect to receive a fluent and accurate translation that reads as though it were originally written in English.

More than just words

Ever used your internet browser’s translate function to translate a web page in another language? If you were lucky, you will have been able to make out what the original message was, but sometimes the meaning is completely lost. It’s English, but not as you know it.

That’s because written texts are so much more than the individual words that make them up. Every text has a purpose, whether it is to communicate information precisely or to market a product. And every message is written according to the conventions and concepts that a particular culture subscribes to. Translations that focus on words alone will not convey all these other elements that make a text what it is.

With Shooting Star Language Services you get more than just words, you get a text that functions at every level.


Each text is different and translation costs will vary accordingly. Rates are generally expressed as a figure per word, so the word count of your text is important when determining price. Equally important, however, is the complexity of the language in the text to be translated – highly stylised or technical language involves more translating time and is therefore charged at a higher rate.

The best way to determine how much a translation job is going to cost you is to ask for a no-obligation quote. To do this, send the text(s) to be translated either via the contact form or by email.